Brass Cash Registers
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How to Collect and Restore "The Antique Cash Register" - a video series showing the history and evolution of the cash register.
The book "The Incorruptible Cashier" is like the bible for collectors and shows a lot of cash registers in the order that they were produced.  However, each company introduced many new cash register over the years and they made improvements and changes as they went along.  The book only shows the main machine.
I will show many variations and how they affect the value of each models. I will also highlight the improvements and changes in style made over the series. Operating instructions will be explained for each series. I will also show the features and how they aided the owner. As each series is explained, I will give a suggested value and explain a grading system. There are a great number of variables to pricing a register and these also will be explained. Each mechanical style or grouping of register will have a "How To Restore" video. These will also show the many manufacturing changes with complete teardown and mechanical explanation. It will show adjustments and methods of repair. These are not just for the restorer, but will give serious insight to the collector as to the evolution of engineering and manufacturing technique of the era.
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How to restore "the National detail adder"
Two (2) tapes, 3 hours plus.  Features the model 2 and 8. Includes many others in the forward and a lot of changes over the series.
American detail adder size 1 & 2
In an effort to compete with NCR, The American Cash Register Co. produced a detail adder style cash register. It can almost be mistaken for the NCR size 5. It has a different cabinet design and a great little selector on the left side to select the closed drawer & locked register. This DVD is a complete teardown & restoration of both the #1 & #2. The larger models are so similar that I didn’t do one of the large machines.

I have just added a new DVD on the repair of the Hallwood drawer operated machine. The Hallwood precieded the American & is basically the same as the American. This is a combination DVD set for the American & Hallwood machines.

plus $5 s/h
How to repair the National total adder “33” series
National invented the 33 series as their fist attempt at building a machine that added all of the items rang into one central total. They only built 3 models. The 30 was the small candy store size, the 31 was the same but with a wide drawer, the 33 was a large machine. This dvd shows the repair of a model 30 & basics of a 33. The 33 was introduced in October, 1892 but NCR also introduced the 35 total adder series in December of 1892 which was mechanically different & superior to the 33???

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How to repair and restore the National Cash Register 79 / 400 / 800 crank style machines
A three (3) DVD set.  The original design of this machine was the model “79”. They made slightly different versions of it which used #’s from 79, 80’s, 90’s (example 95 is just a larger 79). In 1908, in an effort to standardize the numbering system, they switched to the 400 series. They could be 416, 442, 444, 452, etc. Later after the demise of the brass machine they came out with the 800 series which had a flat metal cabinet. For all intensive purposes, all of these are the same basic machine.

plus s/h 
How to restore & repair the total adder - 300/700 series.
The total adder started as the model 35. The 35 style of machine went all the way up to model 63. These machine later became the 300 series which also became the 700 series.
These 4 DVD's will help you with any of these machines as they are very similar. The last DVD explains the 2 drawer, two counter models.
I show removing & painting the indicators, removing & rebuilding the counters, Removing & repairing the printers, removing the key arms, re-timing the cam line, etc, etc, etc.

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How to repair and restore the 100 to 109, 500 Series and 900 Series (Multi Total Crank Machine)

NCR invented the multi-counter machine which had separate totals for separate drawers or department total. Many of these registers had more than one drawer & usual the last number meant the number of cash drawers. Example 104 meant 100 series with 4 drawers. In 1908 they standardized the numbering system & the 100 became the 500 series. Any number that starts with a 5XX was called a 500 series. It later became the 900 series with a flat metal wood grained finish This DVD is good for all models.


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How to repair and restore the 129 - 144 Bohemian & Art Nouveau Style Machines



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New- Repair & restoration for the St. Louis “cheese cutter” 

The St. Louis is an unusual machine and I had the occasion to repair & restore one. I recorded this adventure. This DVD should help both in knowing how to operate and use it, but also how to fix it.     

plus $5 s/h

All prices are quoted in USD.  Tapes, books, and DVDs will be shipped via U.S. postage Priority Mail. DVD's: $5. Books up to 2 pounds: $10. Keys and very light items that can be shipped in a standard envelope: $1.00.  Insurance extra and by request only.  Shipping and insurance for destinations outside of the continental USA extra (please ask for price).  Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Please contact us for current pricing and availability.
 Upcoming videos in the series
  • How to Collect and Value "The Antique Brass Cash Register"
    Targeted for completion in mid 2006.  This video will include many of NCR's competitors.

  • How to restore the Wood Cabinet detail adder/300 series
    Coming soon!

  • How to restore the 1000 series.

    Coming soon!

  • How to restore the 179 lever machine.

    Coming soon!
Custom videos
I can also make individual tapes on how to operate your individual machine.  Contact me for pricing and availability.

Sales Manuals

No one can put all of the information about every model & configuration of each series of machines in a web page. National & other companies printed sales books that showed their basic models. The following are reprints of some of the sales manuals I have acquired.
National sales book from 1911 (133 pages)
$ 35.00
National sales book from 1915 (70 pages)
$ 30.00
National sales book from the 20's (this book shows most of the flat metal machine that are not in the brass era) 102 pages.
$ 35.00
St. Louis color sales book
$ 25.00
Ideal sales booklete
$ 10.00
Murren sales booklete
$ 10.00