Brass Cash Registers
Top Signs
NCR also came out with a total adder that was a crank machine. It was early enough that they still used the fine scroll pattern. This is the top sign for the 79 Principal. This was expanded all the way to the 92 and a larger model 100 series.

The model 79 & 92  had a cabinet design change to the Empire pattern which also change the top sign design. The 79 was 4 amount rows wide and the 92 was 5 rows wide, so there are 2 sizes but both the same pattern. These registers became the 442 & 452 later but stayed the same. Also the 100 became the 500 and this used the larger size top sign.

This a early larger version of the "Big Boy" top sign that was used on the 79 series. It is larger than the one on a model 1.