Brass Cash Registers
Top Signs
Then they came out with a cast iron machine called the "Ionic". Take a magnet with you to test these top signs. Cast iron will stick. Repro's will be brass. These come in 2 different sizes.

This is the small size model "11"

Model "13"

They introduced a total adder which was the model 33 and very soon after they bought out Benziger Cash Register Co. The model 35 or Binzinger was also a total adder. NCR kept the fine scroll pattern for both machine but made a distinct difference in them. It is hard to see but the recessed  background on the 33 remained stippled or dots, while the 35 background is called "Chicken Scratch" , an alternating 4 starch pattern. The top signs are follow this also.

These Cabinets also changed to the Fleur-De-Leis and Renaissance patterns. Strange as it seems, both used the same top sign. These are small & full size. I have one that has been modified for a glass insert. I think it is original but others say it is a home modified. It is still nice.