Brass Cash Registers
Top Signs
 The model 250 has a slightly different top sign. It is a fine scroll with a sort of 3 hump top sign.

These are some foreign top signs. The thin one is European. The other is a bi-lingual sign from Canada.

Here are 3 unusual top signs. the first is a flat metal wood grained finish top sign made for Woolworth's. The green would take a printed insert. The last one is a Dolphin 313 style top sign that had an unusual inset. I don't really know what was in the hole. If you have seen one of these, let me know.

After NCR gave up the brass cash registers, they continued to put top signs on a few. I have seen but don't have an example of, an electric lighted top sign. They put top signs on a lot of chain store registers. Note that this register has brackets on the lid. A lot of chain stores mounted tax & discount charts on the lids.

I know that I have missed a few things but I will review this and try to update it later. There are a lot of different top signs for the European NCR's and I will be doing the Competition later. Feel free to send me a digital picture and questions about ant sign that you have questions about.