Brass Cash Registers
The Cash Register Collectors Club
This club was started in April, 1997 by 9 collectors at the Chicago Coin-op show. The membership has grown to over 275 members at this time. We have a newsletter that is published 3 times a year. It is called "The Bronze Idol". I joined in 1998 and started writing an article called "Dick's Diary". I do it just about like a diary. Any time I see a cash register, I write down the Brand, model, condition and price. I find that I go to a lot of auctions, flea markets, antique shops, shows and read newspapers ads, plus E-Bay, Antique Weekly, and others. I also do my own repairs and report on how I was able to fix things and the unusual features that I find. I have started a new column called "Tech Talk". In this, I try to answer questions about operating procedures, repairs, values, and just about any question someone would want to ask. I also try to take pictures every where I go and usually have about 4 pages of pictures for each newsletter. All members are encouraged to send in articles, such as, "Look What I found". We have members, world wide and get a lot of very interesting articles from all over.

I have served as club secretary and Vice President. We have 2 meeting a year. The spring meeting is held at The Holiday Inn Express in St. Charles, Ill. This is on the Thursday before the 3 day show at The Pheasant Run Hotel, also in St. Charles. WE have a swap meet in the afternoon and a club meeting in the evening at the hotel. The swap meet is open to the public and the meeting is open to first time people who are interested. On Friday, the Chicago Coin-op Show is a great place to find Cash Registers. In the fall, we have our meeting in different member locations. Usually a member will host the meeting at his or her home with all of the same agenda. It was held at my home in Maryland 2 years ago and was in California this year.
We also have a web page at There is a section that anyone can access but the member log-in will get you into the buy & sell section. There are many other areas, such as, the message center, providers, member list, links and pictures area. If you are not a member yet, you will find a section on how to join in the first area.
The annual fee is now $40 in the USA & $60 overseas. To join, you can send me a stamped, self addressed, legal sized envelope and I will mail you back a membership application. You can also send your check made out to "CRCC" along with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address to:

Cash Register Collectors Club
Post Office Box 764
MT Clemens, MI 48046