Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 97; National Model #451

Serial number: 1458540
Date Built: 1914 so it is 104 years old
Cabinet Style: Empire style
Finish: "A" or solid bronze with black oxide & a quarter sawn oak drawer base.

The 400 series was introduced in 1908 & built into the 20's. It is a total adder style meaning that all item rang added to a central total located just above the keyboard. It was a one shot register meaning that if you had a multiple item sale you had to add the items on a paper & ring the total. It had a full keyboard & was crank operated. You could ring up to $99.99 with 6 clerk print keys as well as a Received on Account, Charge & Paid Out print keys. This one has a journal only printer. The black oxide finish is fairly rare. It has a locking gold coin compartment in the left rear of the drawer. The drawer opens from the back.

This one is in great original condition & doesn't merit a total restoration. It works well . It has a great original personalized top sign. M. T. Morse. The really unique thing about this machine is that the drawer opens from the back. With more than one person operating the register at the same time it would be impossible to determine who was stealing or making mistakes if the drawer came up short at the end of the day. This register was built to be put on a counter /cage so that the keyboard faced out & any clerk could ring a sale. There was one person in the cage/counter & they would accept the money through a window & compare the sales slip with the amount on the rear indication, then manually open the drawer (see button in pictures) & then make the correct change. Not many were built this way. National would customize your machine & came up with some pretty ingenious ways to help the owner.

Grade: 3 plus or fairly nice original.
Weight: 160 pounds
Measurements: 26" wide, 15" deep, 23" tall without the top sign or 29" with.
Price: $1,600
Shipping not included (call)


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