Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 7-2; National model 137

Serial number: 427313
Date Built: 2-1-1905
Cabinet Style: Art Nouveau
Finish: "CIB" or nickel plate over cast iron

National was the biggest cash register company around but a lot of smaller company's were building really cheap registers. They were cheaply built with cast iron cabinets instead of the nice bronze or nickel over brass cabinets. In order to protect their customer base, NCR built a really decent register with a cast iron cabinet to compete with them & win. This was the 135 principle. They made many models of the 135 from the 128 to the 147. The 128 was small & the 147 was larger. These were superior to the other machines so you will find a number of these around.

This model 137 is a great example of this series. It is unique & merited a complete restoration for one main reason. This customer may have bought the cheaper register but didn't fudge on some of the goodies. National offered any machine with personalized name plates front, back & on the top sign. Well this owner decided that he wanted his name on the front & back with an "Amount Purchased" top sign. As the main castings were mass produced from molds that were used in an assembly line, the name mold had to be one of a kind & poured with bronze which I know must has cost a lot extra. I have restored this machine to grade one condition. It has been newly nickel plated & lacquered. It has an original top sign, glass key checks, gold coin box with lock (to prevent the employees from giving out the gold coins as change) in the drawer & of course the almost never found name plates on the front & back. I didn't nickel plate the names but left them polished bronze. The contrast is nice. I also have a picture of the business from the outside.
Grade: “1”
Weight: 150 pounds approximate
Measurements: 18" wide, 15" deep, 21" high
Reduced to: $2,750


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