Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 500; National cash register model 722

Serial number: 2327421
Date Built: 1924
Cabinet Style: Total adder
Finish: Mahogany painted steel cabinet

The early brass cabinets got expense so National replaced them with the steel cabinet machine. The insides were still the same as the brass ones. These came in the same sizes as the brass ones. This one was built for the department stores like Woolworths & most five & dime stores. You would often see a top sign on the brass ones but the top sign on the steel cabinet one is rare & shows the store policy on returns. The top sign is in great condition. It also has two brackets where they would post the price sheets so the girls won't have to figure out a price when it might be 5 for 90 cent & you bought 3 of them. The finish on this one is pretty good for its age. It also has a unique drawer in it. It had a small changer built in the front so that the cashier just pressed the amount & pushed the "V" shaped tray down & it would give the correct change. This machine comes with an operators manual (generic). It is missing the lid support link & the #2 lock on the left side. These were probably removed by the store.

Weight: 85 pounds
Measurements: 14" W, 17" D, 22" Tall.
Price: $795 plus shipping
Reduced to: $595 plus shipping


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