Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 4; National Model #3

Serial number: 24516
Date Built: It was built in 1891 & is 127 years old
Cabinet Style: Wooden oak cabinet with ebony shell inlay.

This is a model #3 detail adder type of machine. This means that it has 30 number keys. Each key has its own adder wheel plus an over run wheel above it. When you press 5 cent it would move the wheel to .05, if you pressed it again it would move to .10. It has 30 spaces on the wheel & when it gets to the last one a tab on the wheel would move the upper wheel one notch to $1.50 then $3, etc. At the end of the night the owner would write down the numbers for both sets of wheels & add them up to get his totals for the day. That's why it was called a detail adder. He then could use a turn back wrench to reset the wheel back to zero. It was also considered a "one shot" register meaning that if you had multiple items you had to add them up on a pad before ringing the sale. Each time you pressed a key the register would open the drawer , change the indicators front & back to the new amount & add the sale to the counter. This was really great in the 1890's. The early register cabinets were made of wood & very ornate inlay patterns. It was meant to be the focal point of the business.

This register has a reproduction bronze top sign (added by me), a reproduction personalized lid name plate (added by me because the original one had been remove leaving screw holes in the lid), bell stop knob on the left of the lid, glass key checks (some cracked), a fluted finger rail (rare), a Patterson drawer pull (Patterson was the owner of the company & it sort of looked like him), it has all of the original paper work & instructions on the bottom of the drawer & 4 bill weights.

All in all it is in good condition for its age. You have to push the drawer in on the right side to make it close & the shell inlay is missing on the right side of the lid due to usage when they opened the lid over the years. It still operates & presents well for its age. Any serial # under 50,000 is really early. You will receive a Repair DVD set & a book with this register.

Grade: 2 or good original condition.
Weight: 75 pounds
Measurements: 19" wide, 15" deep, 19" high without sign or 25" with.
Price: $2,500
Shipping not included (call)


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