Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 29; National Model 216

Serial number: 1122310
Date Built: 5-20-1912
Cabinet Style: Fleur-De-Les
Finish: Copper oxide

The 216 is a detail adder machine meaning that each key has a separate adder wheel with 30 increments & an over run wheel. As you ring 5 cent it would move the 5 cent wheel one notch. The next time you rang it, it would go to 10 cent etc until it got to $1.50 which would move the upper wheel one notch displaying $1.50. each key did the same way & at the end of the day you had to write down the numbers for each wheel & add them up to get your daily total. Thus it was a detail adder. For the time frame when it was invented it was great.

The 200 series had small, medium & large size machines. The 216 was considered the candy store model because it was small. This size is the most sought after. The copper oxide finish is also very desirable. This register is complete, working & in original condition. The patina is great. It has been cleaned, oiled & tested. I did replace the key Captions & rings. It doesn't have a top sign.

Grade: 2 Weight: 65 pounds
Measurements: 10" W, 17 1/2" D, 17" Tall.
Price: $1,000 plus shipping


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