Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 27; American Model #2

Serial number: 34860
Date Built: There is no date list for the American registers. The book says that the company was formed in 1908 so it is right in that year?
Cabinet Style: The book says "Tiffany design"?
Finish: solid bronze cabinet.

The American cash register co. evolved from the Hallwood Cash Register company. Hallwood/American's main register was a drawer operated total adder style machine. In 1908 National started building the 1000 class series which was a drawer operating machine so American started building a detail adder style machine too, which was Nationals main style of register. They both had registers that were small, medium & large.

This is an American model "2" detail adder which compares to the National model 216 candy store machine. From a mechanical point of view they were almost the same. They were basically the same size with the same number of keys, counter, indication, drawer, etc. Other than the cabinet design, there is one nice difference that I think adds to the attractiveness. National had a feature that allowed you to select mandatory closed or open drawer plus lock. American did the same thing but put the selector on the left side toward the back. Look in the picture. There is a little selector knob that can be turned to "open, shut & lock". I think that is a really neat part of this register. American didn't do too well & you will rarely find one of these registers.

This machine has been completely restored. It is polished & clear coated. The key arms have been nickel plated. The indicators have been painted & lettered. The drawer & base have been refinished. It has a reproduction top sign. It operates well & when I restored it I videotaped it to make a repair DVD set which will be included in the purchase. There is only one negative; I was unable to find keys for the locks. The drawer selector has a lock but it is not working so the selector can be used.

Grade: 1 or restored.
Weight: 65 pounds
Measurements: 10" wide, 16" deep, 18" high without the top sign or 22" tall with the top sign.
Price: $3,000
Shipping not included (call)


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