Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 214; National Model #4

Serial number: 92120
Date built: 1895 or 123 years old
Cabinet Style: Fine scroll pattern
Finish: "C" or solid bronze.

This is a National model "4" detail adder machine. It has 40 amount buttons or key arms which makes it the largest detail adder ever built. It Is complete & works well. It is in as found condition. I think the case was polished at one time. It has glass key checks & I put on a reproduction top sign. It rings up to $155.95 with a No Sale, Paid Out, Charge & Received on Account keys. Other than being so big & hard to find it is unusual in another way. Normally the amounts run from right to left with the smaller amounts on the right but this one is reversed. Also the bill pockets are sideways. It has the original paper work on the underside of the drawer but you can't read the important parts. It is in an awkward place so I couldn't get a lot of pictures.

Grade: 3 plus or nicer average condition.
Weight: 165 pounds
Measurements: 16" deep, 24" wide, 22" high without top sign or 28" with top sign.
Price: $1,750
Shipping not included (call)


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