Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 211-1; National Model #313

Serial number: 1240318
Cabinet Style: Dolphin
Finish: "C" or solid bronze.

This is a model 313 which is the most collected register around due to its small size & very artistic design. It has 15 keys or buttons & can ring up to $1.95 & No Sale. It is generally referred to as a "Candy Store" machine & also a five & dime because it only rings up item five cent or higher. It is a total adder which means that all items rang up goes into a central total that can be read at the end of the day & reset back to zero for the next day. It is also a "one shot" register meaning that if you had a multiple item sale you had to add them up & then ring in the total The register would then open the drawer, add to the counter & change the indication to the new amount (front & back) & also add 1 to the special customer counter . For the era it was considered very progressive.

The register has been restored to grade one. It has a reproduction top sign "Amount Purchased", nice original large corner caps, new glass, indicators painted & re-lettered, new marble coin slab, silver painted key arms, drawer & base refinished, a gold coin box with lid & has been polished & clear coated. The insides have been repaired, oiled & is in great working condition. I give you a #1 lid key & a #2 left side rear key with the machine. I also include a repair DVD set showing myself restoring a number of machines like this & an operators & service manual.

Grade: 1 or Nice restored register.
Weight: 75 pounds
Measurements: 11" Wide, 17" deep, 18"tall without top sign or 22" with.
Price: $2,600
Shipping not included (call)


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