Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 210-1; National Model 313

Serial number: 800888
Date Built: 1910
Cabinet Style: Dolphin
Finish: Bronze

This is model 313 which is beyond a doubt the most collectable cash register ever built. This one has the early wide style corner caps & the fancy drawer pull. It also has been totally restored machine. The cabinet has been polished & lacquered. The key arms have been re-nickel, the indicators have been painted & lettered, the red flash has been painted & lettered, it has a new wood base with National name plate on it, the counter & no sale counter were replaced, new "amount Purchased" top sign, new marble coin slab, all cabinet screws replaced,& new glass. It has a gold coin lid but without a lock? It works good but the .90 & .80 are a little stiff. It should last many years. Includes a repair DVD set & an operators manual.

Grade: 1 Weight: 75 pounds
Measurements: 11" w, 17" D, 22" high with Top sign or 18 without.
Price: $2,700


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