Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 16-1; National Model #1

Serial number: S-58220
Date Built: It was factory rebuilt in 1908 but was originally built in 1890's. It is at least 110 years old & could be 128 because they only made the signature model the first 2 years.
Cabinet Style: Signature model Fine scroll
Finish: Solid bronze

When National started in 1884 their main mechanical unit was the Detail adder. Their first series was a "0" 10" wide, then a "1" which was the same as the "0" except that it had a full size drawer base (17" wide). Then the 1-1/2, 2, 3 & 4 with each one being wider. The #0 & # 1 are the most highly sought after. I have found a few 0's over the years but only one #1 so they are rare. The detail adder had a counter wheel for each button or key arm. It was numbered like .05, .10 up to $1.50. It had an over run wheel above the lower wheel & a tab on the lower wheel moved the upper wheel to $1.50 then $3 etc. You had to write down the numbers for both sets of wheels then add them up to get your daily total. Then you could turn the wheels back to zero for the next day. It was a "one Shot" register meaning that you had to add any multiple item sale on a paper & ring up the total. The drawer would open, it would add that amount to the counter & indicate the new amount both front & back. This was really great in its day.

This one is what is called the signature model. N.C. R. Co. was designed into the fine scroll pattern just below the front glass. It has an early style top sign "The Amount of your Purchase", an original wide scroll time clock on the right side (rare), velvet lined counter lid, glass key checks, short key arms (early), finger rail to help close the drawer, Gold coin box with locking lid (in drawer on left), 3 early style bill weights & solid brass metal base. It has been completely restored. The cabinet polished & clear coated, the key arms nickel plated, the indicators painted & lettered, the wood drawer refinished. The wide drawer base really is unique.

It does show some wear on the upper right of the lid due to the operators leaning on it over the years. It is approximately 128 years old & really presents well.

Grade: 1 or restored.
Weight: 70 pounds
Measurements: 17" wide, 16" deep, 18" tall without sign or 23" with sign.
Price: $16,000
Shipping & packing not included.


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