Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 159-2; National Model 130

Serial number: S35517
Date Built: Factory rebuilt on 5-31-1906. There is no way to tell when it was originally built but this style was introduced in late 1901.
Cabinet Style: Bohemian
Finish: Nickel plated cast iron

This is another 130 but it is the early nickel plated cast iron machine. The Bohemian design was very nice but the cast iron cases rusted around the shore areas. They made the more expensive solid bronze cabinet later so you won't see a lot of the small Bohemian registers around. I have made all necessary repairs so this machine works fine & looks good. I cleaned the cabinet remove all rust & most of the loose nickel, then clear coated it to prevent any future rust. It has glass key checks (No Sale is cracked)& a new top sign. I painted & lettered the indicators, replaced the glass, refinished the drawer & base. It does have a repair on the left side of the serial # bar. I have only found 2 of this style that was worth repairing over my many years of collecting. ( I have found a number of the larger ones but everyone wants the candy store size). All in all it is in great condition for a 111 year old machine.

Grade: 2 Weight: 65 pounds
Measurements: 12" W, 15" D, 22" H w/top sign or 18" without.
Price: $1,200 plus shipping


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