Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 130; ST Louis cash register, model 38

Serial number: 20913
Built around 1915 to 1925
Cabinet Style: Nick named "The Cheese cutter"
Finish: white painted steel with Coke decals

The St Louis cash register co. started in 1915 & had a unique mechanism. You would move the pointer around to the amount (.05 to .95) of the sale & then press it down & then up. It would indicate the amount, add it to a total adder under the lid, ring the bell & open the drawer. It had an addition lever on top for the dollar amount. Some of the larger register went up to $5. This one rang up to $1.95. It has been cleaned & oiled, tested, then painted white with Coke decals added. It works well. It is an older restoration & has a few chips in the paint but shows well. A great little display register. Includes a repair DVD.

Weight: 46 pounds
Measurements: 11" W, 18" D, 17" Tall.
Price: $595 plus shipping



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