Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 115; American Model #4

Serial number: 29695
Date Built: American does not have a serial number list. They were started in 1908 so it is right in that time period? 110 years old?
Cabinet Style: The book says "Tiffney style"?
Finish: Solid bronze cabinet.

This is a larger example of the American detail adder style machine. It was built to compete with Nationals detail adder machines. They basically operated & worked the same. The only real difference is the cabinet style & the mandatory closed drawer selector on the left side rear. The detail adder had a counter wheel for each key arm. The wheels were numbered according to the key amount, like .05, .10, .15 etc till it reached $1.50 & then the wheel had a tab that moved an over run or upper wheel to $1.50, then $3 etc. You had to add all of the numbers in the windows for both the upper & lower counters to get your daily totals. You could then turn them back to zero for the next day. It was a one shot register which means that you had to add any multiple item sale on a paper & ring in the total. When you pressed the key, the drawer would open, it added to the counter & the new amount would indicate both front & back. This was great for the period.

This machine works fine & presents well without a total restoration. It has 25 key arms & can ring up a maximum sale of $5.95. That would be a very big sale in those days. It also has a No Sale, Paid Out & Received on Account button. It has the nice mandatory open drawer, closed drawer & lock selector on the left side. The really unique thing on this register is that it has an original personalized top sign, Amount Purchased on one side & "McGinty & Clark". See pictures (just on the back side). All of the American detail adder style machines are rare & hard to find. There is one bill weight missing in the drawer. A repair DVD set is included in the sale.

Grade: "2" or nice original.
Weight: 100 pounds
Measurements: 18"wide, 16" deep, 18" tall without top sign or 24" with Top sign.
Price: $1,850
Shipping not included (call)


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