Brass Cash Registers
Inv. 100; National model 130

Serial number: 338244
Date Built: 1903
Cabinet Style: Art Nouveau
Finish: Bronze

The model 130 was designed as a cost reduced machine generally built for the department stores like "Woolworths" but worked well for other small customers. It had 2 different style cabinets, a Cast iron Bohemian design & later the premium style Art Nouveau. These are fairly rare & the Art Nouveau is a great looking machine. This machine is complete & has been restored to working order. It has been polished & lacquered, key arms painted, new "Amount Purchased" top sign, marble, glass & key checks. The drawer has been re-finished. The great thing about this machine is the personalized customer name plate on the back "Reilly"s". These back signs are almost never found. I find about one of these for every 30 of the 313's. A repair DVD will be included with the machine.

The only negative thing is that the lid lock doesn't work. It is a special design & can't be found.

Weight: 65 pounds
Measurements: 12" w, 15" d, 22" tall with the top sign or 18 without.
Price:$1,995 plus shipping


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