Brass Cash Registers
Inv. # 238-2 National cash register model 250

Serial number: 564616
Date Built: 1907
Cabinet Style: Fine Scroll
Finish: “C” or solid bronze

This is a model 250 which was only built for 2 years making it a bit rare. It is very attractive with a fine scroll bronze cabinet but the insides are a total adder just like the 313. I really like the corner caps that have the fine scroll on them. This is a really unusual one because it has a personalized name plate on the front lid "C. Sharrock". It sound a little Irish? It has been restored to working condition & is highly polished & lacquered which should last for 30 years & more. The indicators have been repainted & lettered, new glass, repro top sign, repro marble coin slab, repro wood base with National name plate. The key arms have been removed & nickel plated, the drawer has been refinished. It has been tested, lubed & adjusted so that it all works great. This is one of my favorites.

Grade: “1” or restored correctly
Weight: 80 pounds
Measurements: 17" deep, 11" wide, 17 1/2" tall without top sign or 22" with top sign.


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