Brass Cash Registers
Inv; 162 National model 35-2

This is from my personal collection!!

Serial number: 285092
Date Built: 1901
Cabinet Style: Renaissance
Finish: “C” or solid bronze

The model 35 was introduced in 1892 with a fine scroll cabinet. It was a total adder machine meaning that all items rang, went into a central counter that would show the daily total. In 1898 they changed the Cabinet style to the Renaissance style which lasted till 1902. Over the years they made many improvements & this one has all of the bells & whistles. It has 31 keys with a ring up $9.99 with 4 special keys (No Sale, Paid out, Received on Account, & coupon book (very unusual). These had their own special activity counters so the owner could see what type of sales were rang. This one also had 2 operators totals. By pressing the "Coupon (B) key before a sale it would put that amount into a separate daily total. For that period this was a very advanced machine.

It also has a very sought after time clock on the left side, an original top sign, a metal coin slab instead of marble, glass key checks, a metal base ring instead of wood (the picture shows it sitting on a wood piece so that it doesn't scratch the counter), a gold coin box in the left rear drawer pocket with a lock (so that you could prevent your employees from giving them out as change), removable bill weights, a special designed printer & the most unique thing was a personalized name plate on the lower back. This one was cast right into the back where most were just screwed on. It says "The F. W. Katterjohn Const. Co. I did some research & found that it was located in Louisville, KY & they had 3 stores in that area.

It has been totally restored & works great. I am very proud of this one & hope it gets a great home.
Grade: “1”
Weight: 175 pounds???
Measurements: 27"wide, 17" deep, 27" tall with top sign.
Reduced to: $4,795


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