Brass Cash Registers
Repair and Restoration
I would be happy repair or restore your cash register for you. I prefer to service only the local area as shipping is difficult and expense and it is really hard to determine what you need by just talking to you on the phone or through e-mail. I have had many people ask me if I would restore their "complete" machine only to find when it arrived that it was cobbled together by someone else and could never be restored to Grade 1 condition. I need to inspect your cash register before making a decision. If we can meet in person, we can figure out how much you are expecting in the area of repair or restoration.

I can restore most machines to Grade 1 condition, but some cash registers are not Grade 1 material. If the cost is an issue, there are a few things that can save money, such as painted key arms instead of re-plating. You also may just want a repair and keep it as close to the way you found it.

The Restoration Process
I take the cabinet apart and remove all of the trim. I can't do the polishing anymore, so I take it to a great polisher in Pennsylvania. He has been doing my polishing work for 8 years. He polishes all of the trim and gets it nickel plated.

While the cash register's cabinet is being polished, I rebuild the insides. This includes repainting and lettering the indicators. They also get new springs. The key arms are removed, sanded, and re-plated. The counter is removed and rebuilt. The printers are put back in as good shape as possible (there are no ribbons, type wheels, or paper available anymore). If there is a problem with the printer, I fix it so that it doesn't stop the machine from working. All parts are washed and many are glass beaded (to remove corrosion). The cash register is then reassembled and adjusted. The drawer and wood base are also stripped and refinished.

When the cabinet arrives back, the cash register is put together with new polished screws. The final step it so lacquer the cabinet and screws to a new car-like finish.

When restoration is complete, your restored cash register should hold up for 20 years or more as a collectable. If you use it in a bar or greasy dinner... well, a long time anyway.

Restoration Time
Most restorations take 3 to 6 months while repairs may only take a few weeks. A lot depends on how much work is ahead of you. I do my work in such a manor that I can be (and am) proud of it.