Brass Cash Registers
Registers for Sale
Inv. 3;

Serial number: 22712
Date Built: 10-7-1890
Cabinet Style: Wide Scroll
Finish: bronze

This is a Wide scroll detail adder type of register. It is seriously early. If you can find a serial # under 50,000 you have found history. They only built the wide scroll for 3 years which was in the early years when they were only selling about 10,000 (all models) registers a year. This is a model "3" which has 30 keys. It has the early short key arms & the rope or finger rail. It has the Patterson pull on the drawer front & the solid bronze base ring. It has The customer's name cast right into the lid where the newer ones were just screwed on. "H. B. Holcomb". The drawer base is also about 1" longer front to back. The original paper work is under the drawer but faded. 127 year old & still works great. I will be installing the lock on the left of the lid & putting a new top sign on it soon. Price includes 4 old bill weights in the drawer & a repair DVD & book. The aged patina is great.

Grade: 2 Weight: 150 pounds ?
Measurements: 18 1/2" wide, 18" Deep, 18" High plus 4" for the top sign.
Price: $2200


Inv. 159-2; National Model 130

Serial number: S35517
Date Built: Factory rebuilt on 5-31-1906. There is no way to tell when it was originally built but this style was introduced in late 1901.
Cabinet Style: Bohemian
Finish: Nickel plated cast iron

This is another 130 but it is the early nickel plated cast iron machine. The Bohemian design was very nice but the cast iron cases rusted around the shore areas. They made the more expensive solid bronze cabinet later so you won't see a lot of the small Bohemian registers around. I have made all necessary repairs so this machine works fine & looks good. I cleaned the cabinet remove all rust & most of the loose nickel, then clear coated it to prevent any future rust. It has glass key checks (No Sale is cracked)& a new top sign. I painted & lettered the indicators, replaced the glass, refinished the drawer & base. It does have a repair on the left side of the serial # bar. I have only found 2 of this style that was worth repairing over my many years of collecting. ( I have found a number of the larger ones but everyone wants the candy store size). All in all it is in great condition for a 111 year old machine.

Grade: 2 Weight: 65 pounds
Measurements: 12" W, 15" D, 22" H w/top sign or 18" without.
Price: $1,200 plus shipping


Inv. 500; National cash register model 722

Serial number: 2327421
Date Built: 1924
Cabinet Style: Total adder
Finish: Mahogany painted steel cabinet

The early brass cabinets got expense so National replaced them with the steel cabinet machine. The insides were still the same as the brass ones. These came in the same sizes as the brass ones. This one was built for the department stores like Woolworths & most five & dime stores. You would often see a top sign on the brass ones but the top sign on the steel cabinet one is rare & shows the store policy on returns. The top sign is in great condition. It also has two brackets where they would post the price sheets so the girls won't have to figure out a price when it might be 5 for 90 cent & you bought 3 of them. The finish on this one is pretty good for its age. It also has a unique drawer in it. It had a small changer built in the front so that the cashier just pressed the amount & pushed the "V" shaped tray down & it would give the correct change. This machine comes with an operators manual (generic). It is missing the lid support link & the #2 lock on the left side. These were probably removed by the store.

Weight: 85 pounds
Measurements: 14" W, 17" D, 22" Tall.
Price: $795 plus shipping


Inv. 130; ST Louis cash register, model 38

Serial number: 20913
Built around 1915 to 1925
Cabinet Style: Nick named "The Cheese cutter"
Finish: white painted steel with Coke decals

The St Louis cash register co. started in 1915 & had a unique mechanism. You would move the pointer around to the amount (.05 to .95) of the sale & then press it down & then up. It would indicate the amount, add it to a total adder under the lid, ring the bell & open the drawer. It had an addition lever on top for the dollar amount. Some of the larger register went up to $5. This one rang up to $1.95. It has been cleaned & oiled, tested, then painted white with Coke decals added. It works well. It is an older restoration & has a few chips in the paint but shows well. A great little display register. Includes a repair DVD.

Weight: 46 pounds
Measurements: 11" W, 18" D, 17" Tall.
Price: $695 plus shipping



Inv. 29; National Model 216

Serial number: 1122310
Date Built: 5-20-1912
Cabinet Style: Fleur-De-Les
Finish: Copper oxide

The 216 is a detail adder machine meaning that each key has a separate adder wheel with 30 increments & an over run wheel. As you ring 5 cent it would move the 5 cent wheel one notch. The next time you rang it, it would go to 10 cent etc until it got to $1.50 which would move the upper wheel one notch displaying $1.50. each key did the same way & at the end of the day you had to write down the numbers for each wheel & add them up to get your daily total. Thus it was a detail adder. For the time frame when it was invented it was great.

The 200 series had small, medium & large size machines. The 216 was considered the candy store model because it was small. This size is the most sought after. The copper oxide finish is also very desirable. This register is complete, working & in original condition. The patina is great. It has been cleaned, oiled & tested. I did replace the key Captions & rings. It doesn't have a top sign.

Grade: 2 Weight: 65 pounds
Measurements: 10" W, 17 1/2" D, 17" Tall.
Price: $1,000 plus shipping


Inv. 210-1; National Model 313

Serial number: 800888
Date Built: 1910
Cabinet Style: Dolphin
Finish: Bronze

This is model 313 which is beyond a doubt the most collectable cash register ever built. This one has the early wide style corner caps & the fancy drawer pull. It also has been totally restored machine. The cabinet has been polished & lacquered. The key arms have been re-nickel, the indicators have been painted & lettered, the red flash has been painted & lettered, it has a new wood base with National name plate on it, the counter & no sale counter were replaced, new "amount Purchased" top sign, new marble coin slab, all cabinet screws replaced,& new glass. It has a gold coin lid but without a lock? It works good but the .90 & .80 are a little stiff. It should last many years. Includes a repair DVD set & an operators manual.

Grade: 1 Weight: 75 pounds
Measurements: 11" w, 17" D, 22" high with Top sign or 18 without.
Price: $2,700


Inv. 100; National model 130

Serial number: 338244
Date Built: 1903
Cabinet Style: Art Nouveau
Finish: Bronze

The model 130 was designed as a cost reduced machine generally built for the department stores like "Woolworths" but worked well for other small customers. It had 2 different style cabinets, a Cast iron Bohemian design & later the premium style Art Nouveau. These are fairly rare & the Art Nouveau is a great looking machine. This machine is complete & has been restored to working order. It has been polished & lacquered, key arms painted, new "Amount Purchased" top sign, marble, glass & key checks. The drawer has been re-finished. The great thing about this machine is the personalized customer name plate on the back "Reilly"s". These back signs are almost never found. I find about one of these for every 30 of the 313's. A repair DVD will be included with the machine.

The only negative thing is that the lid lock doesn't work. It is a special design & can't be found.

Weight: 65 pounds
Measurements: 12" w, 15" d, 22" tall with the top sign or 18 without.
Price:$1900 plus shipping


National model 313 special edition

Inv 23-1 & 42-1 (two available)
Serial number: 9306 & 11822
Date Built: May 1985 & Aug. 1985
Cabinet Style: Dolphin
Finish: Bronze

National's centennial year was 1984 so they built a replica of the most popular register ever made which was the model 313. It was built in their factory in Brazil. They couldn't really do the insides so they made a nice little locking jewelry box under the lid. It still looked exactly like the original 313 only slightly smaller. The keys operated when pressed & the indicators came up & the drawer opened. It has a plate on the front of the wood base that could be inscribed. These were offered to all of the stock holder, sales people & service department. I don't know how many were sold but they are very attractive & desirable.

This one has been cleaned & presents well, but does have a few spots in the finish. It is offered in as is condition.

Weight: 52 Pounds
Measurements: 11" wide, 16" deep, 22" high with top sign
Price:$650 each plus shipping.

Additional pictures available upon request.


Inv. 7-2; National model 137

Serial number: 427313
Date Built: 2-1-1905
Cabinet Style: Art Nouveau
Finish: "CIB" or nickel plate over cast iron

National was the biggest cash register company around but a lot of smaller company's were building really cheap registers. They were cheaply built with cast iron cabinets instead of the nice bronze or nickel over brass cabinets. In order to protect their customer base, NCR built a really decent register with a cast iron cabinet to compete with them & win. This was the 135 principle. They made many models of the 135 from the 128 to the 147. The 128 was small & the 147 was larger. These were superior to the other machines so you will find a number of these around.

This model 137 is a great example of this series. It is unique & merited a complete restoration for one main reason. This customer may have bought the cheaper register but didn't fudge on some of the goodies. National offered any machine with personalized name plates front, back & on the top sign. Well this owner decided that he wanted his name on the front & back with an "Amount Purchased" top sign. As the main castings were mass produced from molds that were used in an assembly line, the name mold had to be one of a kind & poured with bronze which I know must has cost a lot extra. I have restored this machine to grade one condition. It has been newly nickel plated & lacquered. It has an original top sign, glass key checks, gold coin box with lock (to prevent the employees from giving out the gold coins as change) in the drawer & of course the almost never found name plates on the front & back. I didn't nickel plate the names but left them polished bronze. The contrast is nice. I also have a picture of the business from the outside.
Grade: “1”
Weight: 150 pounds approximate
Measurements: 18" wide, 15" deep, 21" high


Inv; 162 National model 35-2

This is from my personal collection!!

Serial number: 285092
Date Built: 1901
Cabinet Style: Renaissance
Finish: “C” or solid bronze

The model 35 was introduced in 1892 with a fine scroll cabinet. It was a total adder machine meaning that all items rang, went into a central counter that would show the daily total. In 1898 they changed the Cabinet style to the Renaissance style which lasted till 1902. Over the years they made many improvements & this one has all of the bells & whistles. It has 31 keys with a ring up $9.99 with 4 special keys (No Sale, Paid out, Received on Account, & coupon book (very unusual). These had their own special activity counters so the owner could see what type of sales were rang. This one also had 2 operators totals. By pressing the "Coupon (B) key before a sale it would put that amount into a separate daily total. For that period this was a very advanced machine.

It also has a very sought after time clock on the left side, an original top sign, a metal coin slab instead of marble, glass key checks, a metal base ring instead of wood (the picture shows it sitting on a wood piece so that it doesn't scratch the counter), a gold coin box in the left rear drawer pocket with a lock (so that you could prevent your employees from giving them out as change), removable bill weights, a special designed printer & the most unique thing was a personalized name plate on the lower back. This one was cast right into the back where most were just screwed on. It says "The F. W. Katterjohn Const. Co. I did some research & found that it was located in Louisville, KY & they had 3 stores in that area.

It has been totally restored & works great. I am very proud of this one & hope it gets a great home.
Grade: “1”
Weight: 175 pounds???
Measurements: 27"wide, 17" deep, 27" tall with top sign.


Inv. # 238-2 National cash register model 250

Serial number: 564616
Date Built: 1907
Cabinet Style: Fine Scroll
Finish: “C” or solid bronze

This is a model 250 which was only built for 2 years making it a bit rare. It is very attractive with a fine scroll bronze cabinet but the insides are a total adder just like the 313. I really like the corner caps that have the fine scroll on them. This is a really unusual one because it has a personalized name plate on the front lid "C. Sharrock". It sound a little Irish? It has been restored to working condition & is highly polished & lacquered which should last for 30 years & more. The indicators have been repainted & lettered, new glass, repro top sign, repro marble coin slab, repro wood base with National name plate. The key arms have been removed & nickel plated, the drawer has been refinished. It has been tested, lubed & adjusted so that it all works great. This is one of my favorites.

Grade: “1” or restored correctly
Weight: 80 pounds
Measurements: 17" deep, 11" wide, 17 1/2" tall without top sign or 22" with top sign.


Nation model #2 (inv 54-5)

Serial number: 13199
Date Built: 1889 (127 years old)
Cabinet Style: Honeysuckle pattern
Finish: layered nickel over flat brass

In the beginning National built their machines with a wooden cabinet with fancy inlays. This was expense so they started building the cabinets out of flat brass. They still wanted the fancy inlay design so the plated the register with copper, then nickel. Then they placed a stencil on it to establish the pattern & added more layers of nickel that raised the pattern. On this one they added a personalized name plate on the lid (Ole Jacobson ). This one is featured in the book The Incorruptible Cashier Vol. 2 on page 122.
This one has a lot of unique features about other than being 127 years old. It has the lid name, short key arms, rope finger rail, glass key check, a 2 piece drawer pull & has to be one of the first brass cabinet registers built. It is jammed (I might be able to fix it after a sale) & sold as is.

Grade: “2” or great original machine.
Weight: 75 pounds
Measurements: 17”W, 16”D, 18” H
Price: $3,500


World Cash register (inv # 156)

Serial number: N/A
Date Built: around 1894 ?
Cabinet Style: Cast iron
Finish: Nickel plated

This is a World cash register. It is one of about 15 different register built under different names to compete with the National cash register. William McGraw started the Seymour cash register co. in 1894 & over the years built a lot of different registers. Each had a different design & name. They were cheap & some like the World cash register had a nice appearance. It is a detail adder style register meaning that each key arm had a separate counter wheel to add up a total.
I have restored this one to the best of my ability. The cabinet has been polished & nickel plated. The key arms have also been nickel plated. The indicators have been painted & lettered. I have had new key captions & some indicator signs remade. The cabinet is a great design & the indicator area is extremely attractive. It has a nice finger rail above the drawer. It really presents well. It works fairly well but should be considered a display piece.

Grade: 1 or restored.
Weight: 100 pounds?
Measurements: 20” W, 17” D, 22” W
Price: $2,000


This is a model 250 (inv # 61-1)

Serial number: 585366
Date Built: 8-21-07
Cabinet Style: new fine scroll
Finish: “C” or solid bronze

The model 250 is a strange model. It has a fine scroll cabinet which is a bit different than the early fine scroll machines. I can’t find it in the book Vol. 2. I did find that it was abandoned in 3-1908. That means that they quiet building them. It was only built for 2 years but they built a nice one. The insides are just like a 50 or 313 only with a fine scroll cabinet. I find about twenty 313’s to every 250 I find. I think there were customers that had other machines with a fine scroll cabinet so they built them for those customers. It is a total adder meaning that all item rang up went into a central total.
I restored this one to grade “1” condition. It has been polished & clear coated for long life. The insides have been cleaned, oiled, adjusted & tested. The marble, glass, key checks & rings have been replaced. The indicators have been painted & lettered. It has a repro top sign. The key arms have been nickel plated & in general it works well & is a totally great machine.
The best thing about it is the personalized name plate on the back ( Louis Hood ). You will find dozens, maybe hundreds of front signs for every one that you see on the back. I also love the corner caps that hold the top sign. They used the fine scroll pattern on the top of each corner cap. The 313 is just pebbled. All in all, this is the one to have.

Grade: “1” or totally restored
Weight: 80 pounds
Measurements: 17” deep, 10 1/2 “ wide, 17 ½” high, with top sign 22” high


National Cash register model 216 (inv # 53-5)

Serial number: 631643
Date Built: 5-26-08. ( It is 108 years old.)
Cabinet Style: Fleur-De-Lis
Finish: Copper Oxide

The 216 is considered a “detail Adder meaning that it had a 30 position counter wheel for each key arm. If you pressed the 5 cent key it advanced the 5 cent wheel one notch displaying .05 on the wheel. The next time you pressed the 5 cent key it would advance to .10 & continue until it was up to $1.45. Each row had a second wheel above it so that a tab at the 30th position would move the top wheel to $1.50 the $3 etc. At the end of the night the owner had to write down the numbers from each or the upper & lower rows of wheels & add them all up thus it is a detail adder. These could be turned back to zero for the next day.
This is a fresh restoration of a model 216. It has been newly copper plated & black oxidized. It has been clear coated to last a long time. The wood base & drawer has been refinished. The indicators & red flash have been painted & lettered. The key arm & counter covers have been nickel plated. The counter has been rebuilt & new number strips installed. The glass has been replaced with the old green glass. The key checks & rings, marble & top sign have been replaced. The whole machine has been cleaned, oiled, tested & It works & looks great. The 216 is one of the most collectable small registers.
Grade: “1” or restored to like new condition.
Weight: 65 lbs
Measurements: 9 ½” W, 16” D, 16 ¾ H without the top sign & 20 ¾ with top sign.
Price: $3,200
Shipping extra.


National cash register display stand (inv S-1)

This is new replica of an original stand used in many stores to place the cash register on. I saw a few of these still in use when I started with NCR in 1961. The base is nickel plated cast iron, the post is a nickel plated steel, threaded at both ends, & a nicely routered oak table top. In the old days most floors were wood & there are 3 holes where you could screw it to the floor. The base is pretty heavy & will hold most small registers with good stability. They did make them larger & I have seen some huge machines on these stands. This one is meant to be used for the small to medium machines.

Note: If you have seen the National pin file Or desk spindle, you will see that the base is the same pattern only super large.

Weight: 50 pounds
Measurements: Assembled 36” high, base 18”diameter, top 20” by 20”
Price: $750
Note: 1 left.


Manufactured by "Hallwood" No size M3295 (Inventory # 107-3)

Serial #: None
Date Built: ???
Cabinet style: Scroll
Finish: Solid bronze with nickel plated top sign.

Hallwood started in 1892. National actually bought them out but they came back as the American cash register co. in 1911. I would guess that thus one was built before 1900. They are a drawer operated total adder machine. This means that when you push the drawer in it stretches a spring for the next operation. They were a major competitor of National cash register. As with all machines other than National, these are few & far between.

This one has been restored inside & out to the best of my ability. It has been polished & lacquered, key checks & rings replace, indicators re-lettered, drawer re-finished, cleaned & lubricated. It works good with the exception of the indicators are a little off sometimes. It is rare & presents well. I do not have the proper keys for it.

It has a very rare original top sign in nickel. It didn't come with this machine but I have added it & it is the same as it would have been.

Grade "1"
Weight: 150 pounds plus or minus
Measurements: 21" wide, 20" deep, 25" high with top sign (20 ½" without)
Price; $4,500


National Cash Register Co. Model "188" (Inventory # 133)

Serial #: 475549
Date Built: Dec. 22, 1905
Cabinet style: conservative Bohemian
Finish: Solid bronze with oak base & drawer top.

This is a very unique style of register. It is a lever operating machine meaning that instead of having key buttons, it has knobs that are positioned to the amounts & then you cranked it to open the drawer, add to the total adder counter & indicate the new amounts. This style of register was very popular in Europe but there were a series produced for the USA. It is fairly rare.

I bought this in this condition. It has a nice aged patina, with an original top sign, nice oak base & drawer top, gold coin cover in the left rear drawer pocket, works well & has a nice receipt paper supply reel. I do not have keys for it as they are rare.

Grade "2" or excellent original.
Weight: 105 pounds
Measurements: 21"wide, 16"deep, 24" high with top sign.

Price: $3,750
Reduced to: $2,995


Osborn Cash Register Co. Model "3" (Inventory # 148-1)

Serial # 8332
Date Built: 1897
Cabinet style: "Bread box"
Finish: nickel or brass over cast iron

The Osborn Cash register Co. started in 1896. They produced 3 or 4 different model. All were the lid operated detail adder. You pressed the amount tabs & grasp the lid bar moving the lid down revealing the money pocket, adding the amounts to a counter just below the indicators & raising the new amount indicators. After making the correct change you raised the lid which locked into place. The cabinet on the "Osborn" model was made out of cast iron & was plated. Other models such as the "Imperial" was mostly nickel plated tin with cast iron sides. National bought them out so they were only built for about 4 years.

This one was restored in the past. The indicators are nice & the finish is good. It does have one small problem. The lid locking tabs are broken off. This doesn't really affect anything except that the lid can move without pressing a key. I do not have any keys for it. It is sold in as is condition.

This is a rare machine. I really like the button numbers in the little shields.

Grade "2" or previously restored
Weight: 80 pounds
Measurements: 11 1/2 " deep, 18" tall, 20 ½" wide
Price; $1600


National model 416-E-L (Inventory # 98)
Serial number: 1163592
Built: 9-6-1912

The 400 series are very plentiful but this one is unique. The 410 series was usually a cheaper model with limited keyboard options & no printer. In this case the first owner opted to load this one up with all the bells & whistles. First it has a keyboard with $7.99 ring up with no clerk or no sale keys which is normal for the 410 series but he added a journal printer, motor, wood base with bronze drawer, gold coin box in drawer but he also added the piece-de-resistance with the double sided candelabra lights & a personalized top sign “Wm. Harding”. To find an electric 400 with lights both double and single is like the holy grail of cash register. This one has the light shades which are rare to find. Two are original & 2 were made by a body shop man. I can’t say enough about how unique this register is. I have rebuilt the motor, working mechanism, re-wired all of the lights, replaced the key checks & rings, indicator strips, polished & clear coated the cabinet & refinished the base & drawer. This is from my personal collection & I am very proud of the end results.

Grade: 1
Measurements: 17” deep, 25” wide with handle, 27” high
Weight: 190 pounds plus or minus.

Price: $9,000
Reduced to: $6,999
National Cash register Model 11 (Inventory 135-1)
Serial number: S44099
Factory rebuilt in 1907
Cabinet style: Ionic Pattern
Finish: Nickel plated over cast iron.
The model 11 is a nickel plated cast iron machine introduced by National to compete with the many cheaply built registers of the time.
Even tough it was not brass it was still up to Nationals high standard of quality & workmanship. This is an 11 key detail adder in the candy store size. It has been toughly rebuilt inside & out. The cabinet, key arms, locks, counter covers, etc. It has been polished, nickel plated & clear coated. The counter strips replaced, the indicators painted & re-lettered, glass replaced, the drawer & base refinished & works great.
It has the original brass key checks. The top sign & drawer front are re-manufactured parts. Due to the rarity & great good looks of this machine I think it is a great buy.

Grade: 1
Measurements: 15 1/2 “ deep, 9 ½” wide, 17 ¾ high (with top sign 22” high)
Weight: 60 pounds

Price: $3,200
Reduced to: $2,495
National model "5" (Inv. 48)
Serial number; 264710 Built; 1901
Cabinet style; Fine Scroll
Finish; All bronze

The model "5" was introduced early in Nationals history. It is a "detail adder" meaning that it has an add wheel for each key & an over run wheel above it. It would add one to each wheel & after 30 rings it would add one to the upper wheel. Note; the wheels were labeled like .05, .10, .15 up to $1.50. You had to write down the number for each wheel & add them up to get your total. I know this sounds ridicules in modern time but for that era it was very progressive.

Anyway this machine has all of the nice features like a bronze coin slab, glass key checks, reproduction 3 hump top sign, red indicator flash & beautiful drawer front with National in script on the front with a drawer pull as part of the "N". It has been totally restored, highly polished & clear coated, the indicators have been painted & lettered, the base & drawer refinished, key arms nickel plated, It has glass key checks & the rings were replaced, the counter labels have been replaced & all mechanical issues have been repaired.

Grade; "1"
Measurements: 16" deep by 10" wide by 22" high with top sign.
Weight; 65 pounds

Price; $3200
Reduced to: $2,950
Bombay Floor cabinet, 9 drawer (Inventory # 147-2)

Bombay Floor cabinet, 9 drawer.
Inventory # 147-2
Serial # N/A
Built: 1-9-1913
Finish; Tiger Oak with brass trim.
NCR built the model 400 & 500. A few with a multi-drawer floor cabinets. After the machines died, many people removed them and kept the cabinet because of it great furniture appeal.  This one has 7 operator drawers and 2 file drawers plus a storage door. I have refinished the base & polished the letters on the front of the drawers. I also added the knobs & "National" in script on each side. This was on some machines but not others. The feet brass or boots have also been polished & lacquored. The top is worn but shows well after the refinish job. The back left corner was repaired years ago with nails. It will be a great base to display your prized register or other items. There is a delivery ticket under the top drawer; S/N 1217120, model # 572-7F, built 1-9-1913.
Grade 2
Weight 150 lbs
Size 45" H, 28" W, 21 1/2 D
Price $1,200
Reduced to: $999

Local pick up or we can discuss shipping.

National Model 50 1/4 (Inventory # 174)

National Model 50 1/4

Serial Number 540787
Built in: 1906
Cabinet style: Dolphin pattern
Grade 1
Finish: “B” or Nickel plated

The model 50 1/4 Dolphin machine was a true "Barber Shop" machine. It rang up to $1.95. It has a printer with a slot in the front. This was so that you could insert a ticket & get it validated. Usually these were different colors so that each barber would have proof of how many haircuts he had done that day. This model preceded the 317 & has many nicer features like larger end caps, fancy drawer pull, replaceable center lid, etc. This has a new nickel plating, new wood base & is a great restoration.

Grade “1”
Weight: 85 pounds
Measurements: 16 ½ deep, 12 ½” wide, 22” high with top sign.

Price: $2,000