Brass Cash Registers
Payments, Refunds, & Shipping


  • Cash or check for local repairs.
  • Check or money order for mail orders.  All sales must be pre-paid.  Items will be shipped after check clears.  Repeat customers will be shipped right away.
  • Funds transfer - I have an account for large funds were ever sees money transfer.  Contact me for the account.
  • PayPal is acceptable if you have an account.  I send you a "request for payment".  Upon receipt, you transfer me the money and the item will be shipped.  PayPal charges for the service so I pass it on to you.

All items were sold as is and basically there are no refunds.Of course there may be some exceptions.  Remember when I fill an order, it takes the time to find a part and package it.  Many times, I have to take a machine down from the shelf and disassemble it to get your part.  Communication is very important in getting the right part.  If you are just shopping for price, I can't spare a whole lot of time checking to see if I have a special part only to have you say the price is too high.  This is not Sears.


  • Small items such as keys are posted via regular mail with no insurance.
  • Shipping on a slightly larger items, such as DVDs, is done through the US Post Office via Priority can opt for insurance on these items.  "Insurance outs of the US is mandatory."
  • Shipping of whole machines is done through "Forward Air".  This is not air freight.  It is a trucking company where I box the machine and put it on a pallet and it is shipped from depot to depot.  We have to find the closest depot to you and you have to be able to pick it up.  They will load it for you with a forklift or you can un-box it and load it yourself. I charge for the boxing, freight and insurance.
  • Local pickup is desirable but for larger machines, bring help.  I have lift trucks and am fairly strong but there are limits.