Brass Cash Registers
Other Sources - Buy, Sell & Service - Supplies - Shipping
Rick Crandell Library ( )
Rick co-wrote the books "The Incoruptable Cashier Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. These are out of print. He has just put both books on a DVD for $50. 
Cash Register Collectors Club ( )
The cash register collectors club. You will find many helpful items here as well as the opportunity the join the CRCC.
NCR Corporation ( )
This is the web page of NCR Corp., formerly, The National Cash Register Co. in Dayton, Ohio.
Dayton History ( )
This is a web page for the Dayton area. NCR gave their archives on the history of NCR to them. NCR had more pictures than Kodak and a lot of real old cash registers on site. It is open to the public only on a few days a month. Check with them for times and locations. NCR refers most questions about older registers to them. In turn, Jeff Opt, refers a lot of questions to me.
The HBAC Group ( )
This is Bill Heuring and family, in Jasper, N.Y. They are the biggest at restoring machine and manufacturing replacement parts for all brands of the antique cash register. I get my parts here. (
This is Fred Lupton, a former member of the CRCC. He is very knowledgeable and a visit to his web page is worth it.

Kenny Robbins
Restorations Plus
P.O. Box 7177
Prospect Heights, IL 60070-7177
Restorations, sales, parts, etc.
Tom Krafftas
11919 I-70 Frontage Rd
Suite 105
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Buys, sells, some repairs.
*Note - He has a computer business but sometimes will pick up a machine for sale or repair.

Todd Crook
1812 Vandalia St.
Collensville, IL. 62234
Sales, parts ?? Main business is computer sales.

John Apple
Racein, Wisconsin
Has tons of parts & machines
Claton Spence
N. Richland Hills Tx, 76180
Buy-sell -trade-restoration-repair-parts
Bob Depenbrok
The Vintage Cash Register & Scale Co.
9665 Vena ave
Arleta Ca. 91331
Peter Warns
8740 Peconic Bay Blvd
Laurel, NY 11948
sells & restores cash registers.
Martin Chitjian
801-B Deep Run Road
PA 18944
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Buys, sells, parts & repairs
Rick Petty
144 Madison Blvd
Terre Haute, IN 47803
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Repair & restore.
Buying & selling
Local newspaper, local auctions.
Cash Register Collectors Club ( )
Put message on the club's web page.

Craig's list ( )
Free listings (watch out for scams)

eBay ( )
List as antique brass National cash register. They charge by the way you list it. I think that you have to join Pay Pal now?  After you get logged into the cash register search part, make it one of your favorites.
Cleaning & supplies
Nikolas & Co., Inc. ( )
Has clear lacquor, nickel plating spray??
JAX Chemical Company ( )
Has black oxide, cleaning chemicals, etc.
Woodcraft ( )
Wood finishing  & lid flocking.
Craters & Freighters
Note; you will have to check to see if there is an office in your local areaThey are a bit expense but they pick it up at your home & pack, ship it to the home or office of your choice.

UPS, Fed-X, etc
They can ship up to 150 but as they go through a sorting house, I don't recommend this. I have had success shipping small register with 2 to 4" of foam rubber or solid stirafoam (no peanuts or bubble wrap) fill all holes with boxes or something strong. I would suggest that you have a double strength box with handles also. High risk.
Foward Air
This is a trucking co. and you have to box it, put it on a pallet, band it on & take it to their closest depot. They will unload it with a fork lift & weight it. They will give you a price shipped to the nearest depot to your customer. If you have an account thats it but if not I go to the nearest 7-11 and get a money order and go back & pay for it. Your customer will have to pick it up. They will load it in a truck. It is really cheap and works for me.