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Sales Manuals

No one can put all of the information about every model & configuration of each series of machines in a web page. National & other companies printed sales books that showed their basic models. The following are reprints of some of the sales manuals I have acquired.
National sales book from 1911 (133 pages)
$ 35.00
National sales book from 1915 (70 pages)
$ 30.00
National sales book from the 20's (this book shows most of the flat metal machine that are not in the brass era) 102 pages.
$ 35.00
St. Louis color sales book
$ 25.00
Ideal sales booklete
$ 10.00
Murren sales booklete
$ 10.00

These are the operation sheets that were included with most cash registers that show how to operate your machine. It also shows which keys, paper, ribbons, etc. your machine needs.
It is 12" by 18" sheet, printed on both sides (original size).
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4000 National/Remington

N-2000 (early 6000)

300/700 or any total adder

79/92/400/800 series

Class 1000




* All prices are quoted in USD.  Tapes and books will be shipped via US priority mail. DVD's: $4.05. Books up to 2 pounds: $8.40. Keys and very light items that can be shipped in a standard envelope: $1.00.  Insurance extra and by request only.  Shipping and insurance for destinations outside of the continental USA extra. Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Please contact us for current pricing and availability.