Brass Cash Registers
Operators Manuals
I have recently made a big improvement to most of my Operators manuals by including a picture section showing most of the different model & styles of machines.
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I have listed many new registers for sale. A lot are from my personal collect & some are fresh restorations. Also some are registers that need repair for the fix it guys.

Please check the Calendar as a lot of information has changed.

Check the "dating other cash register" for added pictures & info.

New register for sale section has been changed.

New DVD updates.
The American DVD now includes the “Hallwood” drawer operating machine which is the father of the American drawer operating Machine (basically the same). $35
The model 30 DVD now includes the model 33 $35

I have a new National sales catalog from 1900 available $25

Rick Crandell Library
Rick co-wrote the books "The Incoruptable Cashier Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. These are out of print. He has just put both books on a DVD for $50.
New - Salesmen Trade-in Value Books
I have a limited supply of salesmen trade-in value books. These books contain the serial number dates like shown in,”The dating your register” section. It fits your shirt pocket and has a lot of extras. $10 each plus $2 shipping. 

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New Section added
Dating the “Other” Cash registers

This is a new section on cash register dates for machines built by other than NCR cash registers. Most other companies did not document their register like NCR but this is a little more information.
Look what I found
This is an Emperial cash register. It is not in the best of shape but it is a nice project. 

This is called a Lampson pump register. I guess because it pumped out tickets or the cranking action on the side. It is rare and another project. 

This is an early National model 2 detail adder with a wood cabinet with what I call a cigar box or ribbon inlay. 

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