Brass Cash Registers
Dating other Cash Registers

Hallwood & American Cash Register Company
The Hallwood Cash Register co was formed in 1892 and became The American Cash Register Compnay in 1911 and was still in business till 1922. No real Serial number records were kept.


Bensinger Cash Register Company
Incorporated in January 1889 and bought by NCR in late 1890. No serial # list.

Boston Cash Register & Recording Company
Formed on September 3, 1886 and became the Boston Cash Register Company on April 5, 1891. They went out of business in October 1896 after building about 3000 machines.

Century Cash Register Company
The following registers were interconnected

St. LouisYorkBostonianYale
PuritanContinentalIllinoisUnited States

All of these registers were sold between 1890 till 1904(?). No records for dates


Chicago Cash Register Company
Formed in 1890(?) and became the Navy Cash Register co. 1899(?)  NCR acquired them in 1905.


The Hamilton cash register was built in Canada by the Hamilton brass works. These machines were basically the same as the National register but with a few cabinet sections re-designed. Canada couldn't get into Canada so a VP of National made a deal with Hamilton. Even after National established their own co. in Canada, Hamilton continued to build machines for a short time. Note the resemblance to the National model "2" fine scroll & the "8" Fleur-De-Lies machine.


Ideal Cash Register Company
Formed in September 30, 1897 to October 12, 1903.


Imperial Cash Register

Manufactured by the Osborn Cash Register Company 1891 till 1900, acquired by NCR.


Kruse Dial Register
In business from 1885 to 1889. Forced out of business by NCR.
Kruse made a single dial, a double dial & a triple dial register.


Lamson Cash Register Company

Started in New Jersey in 1888(?) and was bought out by NCR in 1893.

Michigan Cash Register Company
This company was formed in 1907 and registers were built until 1922. This register closely resembles many register and was marketed under any name that you were willing to pay for. A lot were free if you bought merchandise from the vendor.
American-Detroit New Royal AuditPacific
BenderPagodaBurlingtonPenn Special


Miles Cash Register Co.
This could be a single or double dial register offer from 1905 to 1912?


Peninsular Cash Register Company
From 1896 to 1904. These were also free in some cases. For example, Murren was a cigar manufacturing company and if you bought enough cigars, they provided you with a cash register.

Just about like the Michigan but pre-dates it.

Bay StateMontanaColumbiaMurren
ContinentalNewlandsFavoriteNew York
Flower Girl NiagraIndependentPacific

Remington Cash Register

Serial No.DateSerial No.Date
1March 20, 192175000Jan 26, 1927
5000Dec. 13, 1922100000Mar. 22, 1928
10000Feb. 22, 1923120000 Feb. 16, 1929
35000Feb. 1, 1924150000Mar. 14, 1930
50000Jan. 28, 1925170000July 15, 1931
65000June 14, 1926Bought by NCR 

The St. Louis Cash Register Co.
2211-2215 Lucas Ave
St. Louis, MO

The St. Louis started late in 1915 & sometime in the 20's the McCaskey register co. acquired them. This register is unique in its design & operation. The early St. Louis embossed cabinet models are desirable.


Union Cash Register Company

Started in 1889 in Waterford, Connecticut & ended in 1907(?)

Most of these registers were cheaply made and didn’t merit a good serial numbering system like NCR. Most of these had vanished before 1900. If you really want to know more about these you can purchase the Incorruptible Cashier Vol. 1 & Vol. 2.
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