Brass Cash Registers
Cash Register Grading System
Grade 3
This is a wide category and most machines offered fall in this group. These machines still should be in fair working condition. They can be missing easily replaceable parts, such as a marble slab, rosettes, glass, top signs, corner caps, drawer fronts on some machines, and minor parts of the mechanism. It can be dirty and in need of a good cleaning. It can have a broken or a deteriorated base and drawer. The base frame on most machines can be remanufactured but the drawer and machines that have a wooden base with the drawer built in it, are sometimes hard to repair or replace. If they are too bad, stay away from them. Look for the paper label on the bottom of the drawer. If it is there but doesn't match the serial number, the drawer has been switched. Often, you will find that these  parts have been replaced with comparable parts from a flat metal machine. These will work but are sometimes a different style.
Be sure that there are remanufactured parts available for the model you are looking at. These parts are not available on some rarer machines. There is very little call for parts needed on rare machines, as they are fewer in number and harder to duplicate. Also, most machines are missing the same parts, so don't count on finding another with the part you need.
If a machine is missing more than 5 of the above items, it should not be considered a grade 3 machine. There are quite a few machines that have corresponding flat metal machines, and can be a source of mechanical parts. There are also quite a few models that have no flat metal machines to get parts from so be careful about buying machines if you feel it has too many deficiencies.
These machines should be valued at 20 to 30% of a restored, Grade 1 machine.
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