Brass Cash Registers
Cash Register Grading System
Grade 2
This machine should be an excellent original or a previously restored machine that has some age to it. It can also be a machine that was restored by a good amateur. All of the guidelines of a grade 1 machine should be observed but to a lesser degree. The value of this machine should be less because of the expense of doing a grade 1 restoration. Some people set a greater value on a nice original.
It is rare to find a completely original machine but it is possible. I would think that most machines that were in a business will have been serviced, to a degree, many times, over the years. Often machines were traded in and were factory rebuilt.
These machines still should be in great shape but could have cleanly painted key arms, minor chips in the glass, slightly discolored flags, etc.
In general, these machines should command 50 to 75% of the value of a restored, Grade 1 machine.
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