Brass Cash Registers
Cabinet Styles
The following are many of the styles of cabinets that National used on their press down key registers. These styles were used and reused with some slight changes for most of the brass era. I will start with the earliest and try to keep them in order.
NCR used model numbers on their machines but you will find that you are better off describing a machine by the number of keys that it has or width and the cabinet style with the finish.  Example: They made a model 39 in fine scroll, fleur-de-lis, Renaissance, and Dolphin pattern. Each has a different look and value.
These are early rare wood cabinet paper punch registers. Almost one of a kind.
Wooden cabinets
This is the early style "Deep Drawer" model # 2 with a reproduction "cashier" glass top sign.
This register has a black walnut cabinet with Tulip inlay. Notice the brass dots in the inlay.
This is a model "8" with a standard size drawer, oak cabinet with ebony shell inlay & a marble coin shelf.
National started to make metal cabinets out of brass & bronze. In the beginning these were sheet metal with enameled, scribed or slightly raised design 
Brass, bronze and nickel cabinets:
The fine scroll pattern
Wide scroll pattern
Ionic pattern (cast iron)
This is the candy store size 11 of the Ionic cabinet style. (before the larger model machine)
Art Nouveau
Conservative Bohemian
Modern Bohemiam
This register was copper plated with black oxide over cast iron.
Dolphin pattern
This is a rare Dial register that was meant to compete with the Kruse register co.
Not many sold.

Almost all of these machines were also made in flat metal. Early ones in brass and later ones in steal. Early one were sometimes polished and the pattern scribed on the cabinets. Others were painted and then a nice pattern painted on it. The most common that you will find will be steal painted with a wood grained finish or black wrinkle finish.
Crank or electric machines:
Fine scroll
Empire series
Drawer operated series (1000 class)
Early style
Modern style
with auto-graph window
European cabinet:
NCR had many companies world wide. These were often mechanically different because of the money and sometimes they created their own cabinet styles. This is one that you will see.
Dogwood pattern
Model 742, early German built flat keyboard machine with rare top sign.
 There will be a lot of patterns that are variations of these patterns or were only used for a short time. These may be rare. Also NCR absorbed many other cash register companies and some continued to produce the same machine with Nationals name on it. These are also a nice find.
 I hope this helps you to understand a little better. Good hunting.
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