Brass Cash Registers
Keys for the early NCR cash registers
I have the main keys available in reproduction for $10. Originals and non standard keys that I have to get made are priced higher depending on my cost & availability. $2 shipping in the USA.
I would recommend that you purchase the $10 operators sheet so that you will know which keys that you need and their function. The brass registers usually have the lock number in the art work somewhere around the lock.

#1  for 300 & 700 style register, lid lock – Repro $10 Original N/A
#1  For reading the counter on the 400, 500, 800 & 900 NCR registers – Repro $10 Original $20
#2  For the 300 & 700 style register, locks the machine – Repro $10 Original $20
#2  For the 400, 500, 800 & 900 series – Repro $10 Original $20
New #2 extra long for 500's & 900's – call
#2-3 for closed drawer select on a lot of machines, $20 – Repro $10 Original $20
New #2-3 extra long – Call
#3  For some early machines, $20 – Repro $10 Original N/A
New #3A For 300 bell lock – Repro $25 Original $50
#4  For the locks on most drawer fronts. – Original only $20
#5  For the printer doors on most machines. – Repro $10 Original $20
#6  For the special counter covers on many machines – Repro $10 Original $20
#7  Not in normal use
New #7 for 300 series closed drawer selection – Repro $10
New #7 for the lockable clock rings – Repro $20 Original N/A
#8  For the operator counter control lock on the 500 & 900 – Repro $25 original N/A
New Back door key for lock on the multi-drawer machines – Repro $20
New Gold coin box key – Repro $25 Orignal $50
I'm making some keys for the American & Hallwood registers Call
Other locks will require you to contact us.
Keys for mid century NCR cash registers
"E" key for the control lock. On the lock there is a 5 diget number after the letter "E". Example: E-456789.
All registers have locks for the doors and control locks. It will be easier for you to contact me with the model number and what door you need it for?
I also have some ink, ribbons and paper for the same era cash registers.

* All prices are quoted in USD.  Tapes and books will be shipped via US priority mail. DVD's: $4.05. Books up to 2 pounds: $8.40. Keys and very light items that can be shipped in a standard envelope: $1.00.  Insurance extra and by request only.  Shipping and insurance for destinations outside of the continental USA extra. Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Please contact us for current pricing and availability.