Brass Cash Registers
Commonly Used Parts

I have many parts machines that I can get parts from.  The following are parts listings that appears in real early suppliers. It has a lot of newer parts but a lot of parts for the 300, 700, 400, 800, 500, 900 & 1000. You can use these pictures to help you communicate your needs. I do have some of these parts and will work with you.  Please contact me with your needs.

While a lot of these parts are unavailable, these pictures and part listings may give you a way to talk to your fellow collectors and tell them what you are in need of. Just refer them to the right picture. Hope this helps. I do have some of the parts on hand. 

I tell most people this secret which makes it not much of a secret. Buy as many of the flat metal machines as you can just for parts. 
The brass cash registers were replaced by the flat metal machines. A lot of the parts will work on the brass machine. They operate the same also. Thats why I sell a 900 book as a 500 book, etc.
- 35 thru 60's brass became the 300 series brass which became a 700 flat metal.
- 79 thru 90's became the 400 series brass which became a 800 flat metal.
- 100 series brass became the 500 series brass which became a 900 flat metal.
- 1000 brass stayed 1000 in flat metal.

The earlier registers did not always have comparable flat metal machines.