Brass Cash Registers
Calendar of Events
There is no official cash register museum.
National cash register was located in Dayton, Ohio. National had what they called "The Archives". It was only opened to NCR employees & a few visitors over the years. Most of the stuff that they had was boxed up & you couldn't see it even if you were fortunate to get in.

After NCR down sized about 20 years back, they loaned the whole archives to The Dayton Historical Society. They rented a huge 5 story building in Dayton to store these items. They then sorted & cataloged everything (this is still going on). They have a section that is open to the public one day a week.

In Dayton there is Carillon Park. It has a museum quality town open to the public all year. (there is a fee to enter) The Dayton Historical society teamed up with them and loaned many cash register which are displayed in the entrance building plus almost every building in the park has a period cash register in it.

There have been problems with our location & times for the Simi-annual cash register collectors club swap meet. The club has been investigating a new site & time to hold this swap meet because of outsides taking advantage of a free show set up.

After a lot of discussion they decided to keep everything the same with this exception. There will be a guard to check in club members. You will have to have your club ID card. It will continue the swap meet on the Thursday before the spring & fall Coin-op show at Pheasant Run but limit the swap meet to cash register collectors only.

In the past we invited people to come to buy, sell & trade cash registers. No one can come in to set up unless they are cash register only people. The back parking lot will be used. Buyers are still invited but will have to pack outside of the selling area & not be allowed to open their cars (to sell) except to load an item bought in the selling area. You can join the club to get in the sell only cash register items.

Watch the club web page & the Chicago coin-op web page for dates.

Fall 2013 swap meet
Nov. 14, 2013 time 10AM till 1 PM

Holiday Inn Express
1600 East Main St.
ST Charles, Illinois 60174
Club meeting in Hotel conference room 3 PM
Visit the club web page to verify if the swap meet & hotel rates are available.

Fall Chicago land show
Nov 15, 16, 17, 2013
Pheasant Run Resort Mega Center
ST Charles, IL
Visit for future dates and more information for the show at Pheasant Run. The club meeting normally will be held the Thursday before the Chicago Land Show. The club is considering changes at this time.