Brass Cash Registers
We have developed this web page in an effort to promote the hobby of collecting "The Antique Cash Register".  The antique register is a work of art as well as a marvel of engineering.  They are truly an antique because of their age, most are over 100 years old, and in my opinion a sleeper in the collecting circles.

I hope to help you, the collector, by sharing my knowledge about these machines.  Books, DVDs, videos, repairs, restorations, appraisals, and advice on others who provide service will be found in the different sections of our site.  I am very interested in sharing my deep love of collecting cash register.
  Richard (Dick) Witcher

Latest News and Announcements
Latest site updates...

I have listed many new registers for sale. A lot are from my personal collect & some are fresh restorations. Also some are registers that need repair for the fix it guys.

Please check the Calendar as a lot of information has changed.

Check the "dating other cash register" for added pictures & info.

New register for sale section has been changed.

New keys, Gold coin key available, Multi drawer back door key, #8 key for the 500/900,etc.

New operators/service manual on the detail adder machines.